Top 2018 Bedroom Fashion Trend: The Negligee

First used in France, the negligee is a form of nightgown that makes use of soft fabrics such as satin. Older designs included laces but later on, negligees made of nylon and other similar materials started to hit the market.

The negligee is notable for its glamorous style. The world has witnessed the changes in terms of people’s bedroom clothing preferences: more are now inclined to value fashion more than comfort and price. Indeed, negligees cost more than their counterparts in the pyjama department. However, they allow a much freer disposition towards bedroom fashion.

Among the factors contributing to the rise of the negligee is the comeback of the fashion trends of the 1920 to 1940s. Experts also stated that the TV series Sex and the City played a big role in the bringing back this type of lingerie. The show, which aired its first episode in 1998, certainly influenced many when it comes to fashion.

To rise up to the demands of the market, more companies have been set up to produce the nightwear. Every day, we see newer designs and types that there are so many to choose from. You can also find them online, making it easier to access and purchase them.

Since it was first introduced, the negligee has been exclusive to women. But times have changed and it is now available to men and children too. Another remarkable thing to note is the uniqueness of these items. For example, you can personalize your negligee by having it embroidered. You can put a logo or a text to show ownership or to add to the style of your negligee dress. This is also perfect as gifts for loved ones.

Different kinds of lingeries are emerging today. They cater to the different tastes of different people from all over the world. If you are expanding your collection of negligees or are planning to buy your first one, there are so many options waiting for you.

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