About luxury negligee

The products of today are soft and luxurious, whether as underwear, sleepwear or even outerwear. However, like many of today’s hot lingerie items, chemicals have a long and much more practical history. Here is a brief history of sexy luxury negligee through the ages.

Ancient cultures

In ancient Greece and Rome, both men and women wore tunic-style garments. It is believed that these simple dresses are the prototypes of modern machines. However, the garments were used alone, therefore they functioned as warm clothes.

Middle ages

The medieval period marked the true beginning of the use of chemises as underwear. At that time, they were unisex garments. The women wore them long, under skirts and bodices or long dresses. The men used them as shorter shirts, paired with braies (a form of leggings) and covered by jerkins, tunics or other garments.

At that time and for many centuries, pharmacies had an extremely practical purpose. The shirt was one of the first incarnations of underwear. Protected the expensive outer garments of sweat and body oils. In those days, sexy lingerie was the only item that was washed regularly.

Evolution of the Chemise

Chemises remained an important and practical undergarment until the beginning of the 20th century. As the fashions changed, so did the shirt. The styles of the women became the camisole (once used to cover the corset) and the full slip. Men’s shirts gradually became shorter and tighter, becoming today’s shirt.

Chemises made at home

Chemises were traditionally made at home. A domestic seamstress could create each shirt from a single piece of cloth, which would decrease waste dramatically. Working-class people of both sexes wore simple, rough blouses that were usually made of linen or other common fabrics. The richest people enjoyed flexible shirts made of silk or other luxurious fabrics.

Chemises today

Today’s products are luxury items, made of rich materials such as silk and designed to enhance sexual attractiveness. Some chemicals retain practical value, offering a sleek and clean line under thinner dresses and blouses. Others are designed strictly as nightwear or naughty underwear, which offers bold options like lace and net.

Today, there is little difference between shirts and camisoles, and many people use both terms interchangeably. Chemises may also look like negligees, particularly the babydoll style. Sexy lingerie and underwear provide sleeves historically, although many of today’s bolder styles are sleeveless.

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